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Flexible, usage-based pricing

Self-service and highly customizable, no human intervention required. With Upsun, control your resources and users at both project and organizational levels, per application, per environment.

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User management
User managementProject resourcesAll features

User licenses

Efficiently extend and manage user permissions.

User licenses

  • Custom project and environment-type permissions

User-management add-ons

Standard add-on
  • Custom organization permissions
  • Teams management
  • Free viewer permissions

Project resources

Customize and easily update resources to scale vertically, or add instances to scale horizontally.

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Project fee

  • On-demand preview environments
  • 30 days of infrastructure metrics
  • 15 minutes of continuous profiling
  • 2.5 hours of build CPU
  • 5 hours of build memory
  • 10 GB egress bandwidth
  • 500,000 ingress requests

CPU and memory

Billed hourly





Memory (1 GB)





Memory (1 GB)


*Resources are billed per second on their allocation. The hourly price is an estimation for 732 hours. 732 is the average of 30- and 31-day months.

Disk storage






No human intervention required

Use the pricing calculator to transparently estimate project costs on Upsun.

All features

User management

User license€10.00/user/month
Maximum number of usersUnlimited
Organization permissionsWith Standard add-on at +€9/user/month
Teams management
Free viewers permissions

Unlimited number of free viewers with read-only and/or billing permissions

Single sign-on (Google)Coming soon
Single sign-on (OIDC, SAML)Coming soon
MFA SSH/MFA APIComing soon


SupportCommunity and tickets
Support fee10% of your organization's global spend


Project fee€9.00/project/month
Production domains per project100
Let's Encrypt TLS certficates100
Custom client certificates
Uptime SLAComing soon


Number of environmentsOn demand
Paused environmentsEnvironments will pause automatically after 15 days of inactivity, and we'll only charge for the storage (backup and disk) on the environment, not on CPU or memory.
Custom domains on preview environments
High-availability optionApplication and services
Build resources included2.5 hours of build CPU/project/month

5 hours of build memory/project/month
Additional build resources€0.033/additional hour of build CPU

€0.013/additional hour of build memory
Premium servicesElasticsearch Enterprise and MongoDB Enterprise (coming soon)

Disk storage

Storage (per GB)€0.49 GB/month
Backups (per GB)€0.10 GB/month


Edge cachingComing soon
Tag-based purgingComing soon
DDoS protectionInfrastructure level (L3, L4)
Web Application FirewallComing soon
Egress transfer included10 GB/project/month included
Additional egress transfer€0.03/GB
Ingress requests included500,000/month
Additional ingress requests€1/100,000 requests

Observability and performance monitoring

Infrastructure metrics
Continuous profiling (Go, Node.js, PHP, Python)

15 minutes of continuous profiling included for free

30 days with add-on at €4.89/month
Blackfire APM and Profiler for Python and PHPVia Blackfire add-on
HTTP requests analyticsIncluded in ingress requests' price
Logs forwarding (real-time)€0.1 per GB
Health notifications and performance weekly report
User-defined performance alerts (APM and Profiler)Via Blackfire add-on

Security and compliance

Privacy regulationsEuropean GDPR (DPA available), German BDSG (DPA available), Canadian PIPEDA, and Australian Privacy Act
PCI DSS Level 1-compatible
HIPAAComing soon

Billing and payments

Pay as you go (monthly). Credit cards and SEPA payments.
Volume plans, prepayment, and custom invoices (>$2,000/month)

Your greatest work is just on the horizon

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