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Ultimate developer flexibility

Self-service. Usage-based pricing. Customize your resources, runtimes, users, frontends, backends, APIs. All the choices are yours. Welcome to the Upsun PaaS.

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Application development your way

A illustration of a fictional web page looks down at a box reading The box is connected by a line to three boxes below in a horizontal line. environment:synchronize my-db-service: type: mariadb:10.4 disk: 2048 and upsun url

4 options to get started

Trying Upsun on for size: speedy and simple. Choose any of the four options here, then dive right in.

A label <Project> is prominent in the center of several circular lines radiating from the center. Along the lines are icons for various frameworks and cloud providers.

Agnostic freedom

Tight integration with external systems, stacks, and tools you already use. Choice of IaaS platform(by geo or cloud provider) and services. Choose the road you want to travel.

A black UI card reads Your project details Region Canada (CA-1) AWS with a small leaf icon to the right of the text. Layered above the black UI box is a white box with a purple outline that contains a larger leaf icon in green and an AWS logo in the upper-right corner. The text reads: Canada ~28 gCO2eq/kWh Energy Grid Carbon Intensity To the right of the black box and above the white box is a green square with a black security padlock icon in the center.


All the control and customization you want to experiment. Flexible resources. Sensible, transparent, usage-based pricing. Choose self-empowerment.

What makes Upsun shine

Various versions of UI elements are arranged to show a staging environment created from production. The code is visible in both environments and is identical for all fields (app, db, cache)—except for the environment route, showing that production and staging have different environment routes. All other environment infrastructure is the same.

Composable infrastructure

Dozens of runtimes and backend services to mix and match

Managed routing, with built-in, multiregional edge-caching, automated TLS, and WAF

Full infrastructure preview environments, isolated, but identical to production

Full abstraction from underlying cloud provider; runs precisely the same way on every major cloud


The ability to collaborate on the infrastructure just like you collaborate on code

Git-driven infrastructure with support for multiple repositories

Bi-directional Git integrations, activity scripts, and webhooks to plug into any external service

Instantly created preview environments—per branch, per PR, per team, per developer, per anything

Various versions of UI elements are arranged to show a team with 4 projects and 6 users. The projects listed are websites and applications in Australia, Europe, United States, and France. The dev team is shown by avatars in a vertical line to the right of the information.
Various versions of UI elements are arranged to show the resources being used on an application. The labels under Production are my-python-app (with a python logo), database (with a mysql logo), and cache (with a Redis logo). my-python-app has a box connected that reads x2 instances, with a + and - symbol to increase or decrease instances, enabling you to configure the CPU, RAM, instances, and disk storage of your Redis cache container.

Scalable on every dimension

Vertical scaling of every component, horizontal scaling of applications and workers

Fully managed, multicloud edge-caching

From a single monolith to an automated service mesh, with microservices, workers' message queues, and multiple data backends

Built-in observability tools, with infrastructure metrics, built-in APM, profiling, and tracing

Stability, security, responsibility

Automated high availability and failover of every infrastructure component, with automated and transparent security-patching

Fine-grained team permissions, with MFA everywhere—even on SSH

Short-lived SSH certificates, with MFA and external identity provider support

PCI DSS, SOC 2, GDPR compliance*

*PCI DSS and SOC 2 applicable only on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure

Various versions of UI elements are arranged to show a fill graph in the background, with several layers of peaks and valleys. Above the graph is a toggle to enable MFA and a box showing a Work SSH key. To the right of this is a box showing labels and percentages for the graph.

Trusted by developers, day in and day out

A bright, new offering powered by—adopted (and ❤️) by 17,000+ developers, 7,000 customers, and proven over the last 8 years—Upsun provides out-of-the-box capabilities that serve as the launchpad for creative development teams’ out-of-the-box thinking. To us, it sounds like a perfect pairing.

Polyglot? Hyperglot?
We glot you

Upsun supports an array of cool languages and frameworks. Monoliths. Microservices. Multistack. So you can keep your options open. Flexible. And future-proof.











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