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Upsun frees modern development teams to easily experiment, quickly iterate, and effortlessly scale on every dimension. A self-service, fully managed, secure, developer-focused PaaS, with built-in observability, multicloud edge-caching, reliable deployment, and the freedom to choose your stack and cloud provider.

BuildSecure and complyScaleObserve

Build and run

Features that empower your development team with the flexibility to build and—the firepower to run—diverse applications. With instantly cloned preview environments including all your data, flexible resources, automated infrastructure provisioning, Git-based workflows, and more.

Secure and comply

Secure by design; gain peace of mind and get more time to focus on your code with high levels of built-in security and compliance. Fully automated and managed by Upsun and strengthened by Git-driven architecture to help ensure every change to infrastructure configuration is versioned, auditable, and reversible.


Scalable on every dimension, adapts seamlessly to your applications’ requirements, and helps improve application performance and availability. Gain efficiency across the board with smooth vertical and horizontal scaling, scalable team management, and more.


Analyze and optimize your application performance through code and continuous profiling, and identify how, when, and where performance has been impacted with detailed Application Performance Monitoring (APM). Get a real-time view of your applications and services resources’ usage and implement recommended changes for best performance in minimal time.

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