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Estimate your costs

1. Add user licenses

Grant user licenses to each user who needs organization and project permissions. Every organization must have at least 1 user license.

User license subtotal 10.00

2. Configure production environment resources

Estimate the resources needed for your project’s production environment. With Upsun, you can have as many preview environments as you like, each with customizable resource sizes.

Select a framework, or customize your own containers

Choose from a list of preset frameworks to view our recommended application and service sizes. Or jump to the Applications and Services, sections to manually configure any application or service container.



Resources subtotal* 12.22

*This estimate doesn't include optional add-ons for CDN, WAF, and user management or overage charges for backups, egress bandwidth, and ingress requests. For more information about add-ons and overage costs, visit our pricing page.

3. Project fees

A flat fee/project/month that includes on-demand preview environments, infrastructure metrics, 15 minutes of continuous profiling, 2.5 hours of build CPUs, 5 hours of build memory, 10 GB of bandwidth, and 500,000 ingress requests.

Project fee subtotal €9.00

Estimated monthly costs

User licenses
Project fee



Get started

**Support fees are automatically added to your monthly total and calculated as 10% of your total cost.

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