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Upsun empowers development teams with the flexibility to build—and the firepower to run—diverse applications on a single, self-service PaaS. By fully managing a proven, reliable infrastructure and security, Upsun frees developers to solve even the most complex challenges by easily experimenting, quickly iterating, and confidently deploying applications at scale.


When our founders began the journey 10 years ago, they recognized that cloud and application infrastructure prevented developers from the kind of rapid iteration their customers—and competitive pressures—demanded. But instead of a barrier, they saw an opportunity to improve developer experience.

To iterate quickly and deploy fearlessly, development teams required robust testing with their real data. Through our unique cluster-cloning technology, developers could test, then deploy a content-rich application or an ecommerce solution with a large catalog of SKUs and thousands of concurrent shopping carts. More innovations followed.

While our simple yet nimble approach to running hundreds of diverse applications continues today, we were really just getting started.

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Upsun: a new horizon

Over time, our team saw increasing workloads painted outside more common customer project lines. Trends like static site generators, and decoupled and composable architecture projects emerged. All called for greater developer flexibility. And that need gave rise to Upsun, a new, self-service offering powered by

The Upsun offering’s cornerstones: flexibility over resource allocation for each project component and the ability to scale them independently based on project needs.

Built around features (with more new capabilities in development) that span unlimited preview environments (including all data), with custom domains; horizontal and vertical scaling; fine-grained permissions and teams to facilitate collaboration; detailed application performance management; and a fair, transparent, usage-based pricing model, Upsun expands developer and engineer project control.

We can't wait to share what's rolling out next.

A global team that thrives on collaboration

A remote organization from day one, follow-the-sun teams spend our days (and nights) supporting customers, partners, and each other.

{ Highly collaborative. Passionate. Dedicated. Inclusive. }

You can find us in most parts of the world, come rain or shine (as you might imagine, we gravitate toward the latter).

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