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Meet Upsun

A PaaS that automates DevOps tasks, so developers can focus on coding and problem-solving.

Flexible developer experience

  • On-demand preview environments that clone prod byte-for-byte—including data and services
  • Automated infrastructure provisioning via declarative YAML templates
  • Provider- and stack-agnostic 

Team empowerment

  • Built-in observability to monitor every component of your applications, gain insights, and optimize performance
  • Resource and user control at both project and organizational levels, per application, per environment
  • Live preview environments to accelerate stakeholder approvals, speed QA, and launch on schedule.

Trusted, reliable platform

  • Stable, secure, fully managed infrastructure to increase application reliability, w/24x7 global support
  • Full-control horizontal scaling
  • Container-based vertical scaling
  • Git-driven architecture helps ensure every change to your infrastructure configuration is versioned, auditable, and reversible

Trusted by developers, day in and day out

A bright, new offering powered by—adopted (and ❤️) by 17,000+ developers, 7,000 customers, and proven over the last 8 years—Upsun provides out-of-the-box capabilities that serve as the launchpad for creative development teams’ out-of-the-box thinking. To us, it sounds like a perfect pairing.

Witty Works

Anyone who has some level of knowledge about DevOps concepts and YAML syntax can get started with Upsun; it’s a fairly easy product for the amount of complexity it can handle. That’s the magic.

Lukas Kahwe Smith

Lukas Kahwe Smith
CTO and Co-founder, Witty Works

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